Branded Ingredients for Nutrition

01 - BerryPharmaBased in Italy, BerryPharma® are the experts in red berries and the world’s largest manufacturer of European elderberry extract for food and therapeutic use.

BerryPharma® is dedicated to continuous clinical research to validate the health benefits of their berry extracts. BerryPharma’s proprietary membrane filtration technology produces whole food berry extracts without any chemicals or heat, enriching the fruit in this way results in an end product containing all the natural goodness found in the fresh berries. The range includes elderberry, elderflower, Nerina black strawberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackcurrant, aronia berry, wild blueberry and cranberry.


04 - AxiomFoodsAxiom Foods is the world’s first, largest and most innovative source for WGBR (whole grain brown rice) products for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and specialty foods industries. Key product from Axiom include: Oryzatein® Organic sprouted brown rice protein, Vegotein P80® Organic yellow pea protein, OryzOlait® Organic rice milk powder.

05 - DOMDOM (Deep Ocean Minerals) 100% natural, bioavailable and clinically studied for anti-fatigue, anti- aging and serum lipid control formulations. Manufactured from deep ocean water (600m below sea level) DOM has a unique synergistic mineral profile containing over 70 essential minerals and trace elements no longer found in our modern food supply. Available in liquid concentrate and powder concentrate.

06 - AquaminAquamin is a unique bioavailable multi-mineral powder produced from red algae (Lithothamnion tophiforme). With numerous clinical trials, Aquamin is the best choice for targeted health benefits with plant derived minerals. The range includes: Aquamin F (food and beverage), Aquamin Soluble (food and beverage, clear in solution) and Aquamin Mg (>35% elemental magnesium, marine source)

07 - IngrediaNutritionalIngredia Nutritional develops innovative ingredients and premium nutritional solutions: native proteins, hydrolysates and bioactive components with clinically proven efficiency. Dairy based nutritional ingredients for: Specialised nutrition, everyday health, sports, clinical and infant health, functional foods and drinks and nutraceutical supplements.

08 - LactiumLactium® by Ingredia is a milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive protein with relaxing properties. A unique & natural ingredient, discovered by observing the relaxing effects of breast fed infants. Lactium® effectively decreases stress-related symptoms.

10 - MorinagaShelf stable, clinically effective probiotic strains for human health with validated stability for 36 months @ 25°C. The range includes: BB536 – Bifidobacterium longum, M16V – Bifidobacterium breve, M63 – Bifidobacterium infantis and B3 – Bifidobacterium breve.


12 - BioActorBioActor develop proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, clinical nutrition and dietary supplements. BioActor’s product development strategy relies on three simple principles: health effects must be clinically proven; ingredients must be from a natural and renewable source; a new health ingredient must be based on a patentable scientific discovery. The range includes: BonOlive®, Watt’sUp™, Cordiart™, and Naxus®

13 - BonOliveClinical evidence shows Bonolive’s® unique mode of action improves bone mass density. Bonolive® is derived from Spanish grown olive to produce a premium water soluble, bioavailable extract standardised in oleuropein.


15 - NutralandNutraland Limited (NLL) experts in supplying service/solutions for nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical, personal care and chemical industries. Nutraland specialise in high quality botanical extracts including gingko, rhodiola, and beta-glucan.

16 - TokiwaPhytochemicalTOKIWA Phytochemical Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest Japanese manufacturer producing functional ingredients for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, and functional foods.

17 - HillPharmaceuticalHill Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, are devoted to the research and manufacturing of high quality natural products, specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal extracts for food and therapeutic products.



20 - LecicoThe lecithin experts, Lecico have spent over 30 years dedicated to developing, manufacturing and supplying the best lecithin and specialised phospholipids. Lecithin available from Soy and Sunflower, as organic and non-GMO. Phospholipids derived from dairy, marine, and soy sources

21 - NorevoBased in Germany, Norevo use only natural raw materials to create customized ingredients derived from Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum), Agar-Agar, Honey and Bee products, and Licorice Extract. Main sectors of applications are food and beverage, pharmaceutical, & cosmetics.

22 - SolabiaGroupSolabia Cosmetics research & develop Bio-Intelligent, active ingredients based on three scientific expertises: biotechnology, fine chemistry and vegetal extraction. Solabia believe in “feeding the skin” as you would your body with their range including: Omega ceramides, sugar and oligosaccharide complexes, amino acid bio-peptides, and plant based extracts which are consistent with human nutritional needs (fats, carbohydrates, proteins and phytonutrients)