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Elderberry Flight Study

Unique elderberry formula protects air travellers from colds   Results of a large, human clinical trial reveal that a proprietary elderberry formula can provide protection to air travellers from colds as well as stabilize overall health during long-haul flights. A standardized … Continue reading

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Elderberry Membrane Filtration

The Case for Iprona AG’s Proprietary Membrane Ultra-Filtration Technology The world-wide growing consumer interest in functional foods and healthy living is driving the food supplement industry to find ways to satisfy this demand. With scientific data backing the health benefits … Continue reading

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Elderberry Smashes the Flu Virus

Colds and flu flourish in humid climates while elderberry brings relief Colds and flu are transmitted and flourish in mildly humid climates at low to medium temperatures[i], and in-vitro studies[ii] show that the European elderberry (Sambucus nigra) – one of … Continue reading

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