Elderberry Membrane Filtration

The Case for Iprona AG’s Proprietary Membrane Ultra-Filtration Technology

The world-wide growing consumer interest in functional foods and healthy living is driving the food supplement industry to find ways to satisfy this demand. With scientific data backing the health benefits of elderberries, it all boils down to the quality of the products being presented to consumers.

Since elderberries are only available at certain periods of the year it is of paramount importance to find sustainable ways to preserve the harvest and make it available all-year round.

The two main forms in which elderberries are preserved are either as a liquid concentrate or as a powder. Either way, the goal is to maximize the concentration of healthy phytonutrients for maximum health benefit.

While the group of polyphenols known as anthocyanins which give fruits their pigments have been identified as the active compounds giving elderberries much of their health benefits, recent research is increasingly adopting the idea that these benefits are a result of synergistic action by all the fruit components. Retaining as much of the original fruit matrix as possible during the extraction process if therefore of utmost importance.

Standardized elderberry powders have proven to be very versatile tools, easy to store and transport. It comes as no surprise therefore, that the market is seeing a surge in their demand.

However, the powder extracts on the market today vary extremely in both quality and composition. Most elderberry powders available are extracted from the fresh fruit using heat percolation solvents, usually ethanol. During this extraction process, high concentrations of anthocyanins are achieved, but at the expense of most of the other fruit compounds, leaving a rather monistic product. Very little of the original food matrix is left.

Then there are elderberry powders produced using the unique, innovative membrane enrichment technology, also known as Ultra filtration technology, a proprietary technology developed by Italian red fruit processing company Iprona AG.

This purely mechanical separation process enables the separation of substances according to their different molecular sizes using semipermeable membranes. No chemicals or heat are required.

By using special separation membranes the smaller molecules are separated from bigger molecules. The different consistencies of the several membranes allow a separation of molecules by size and – regarding configuration and polarity – gives Iprona AG the possibility to create a mix either with the smaller or with the bigger molecules.

In essence it is an enrichment process, because it potentiates the powder product by increasing the concentration of all the desirable nutrients, thereby preserving most of the original food matrix. The product is a holistic compound, rich in a vast array of phytonutrients present in the fresh fruits, hence taking advantage of their synergistic actions.

Iprona AG´s proprietary membrane enrichment technology is indeed as innovative as it gets.

The infographic image demonstrates the advantages of this innovative ultra-filtration technology.


This membrane enriched compound offers a very exciting new tool for formulator and producers of food products. It can be used in lozenges, shakes, yogurts, ice creams as well as in capsules for management of flu infections.

For more information, visit www.iprona.com

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