Key Ingredients


Clinical evidence shows Bonolive’s® unique mode of action improves bone mass density.

Bonolive® is derived from Spanish grown olives to produce premium water-soluble, bioavailable extract standardised in oleuropein.

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Formerly known as BerryPharma, Eldercraft's proprietary membrane filtration technology produces whole food berry extracts without any chemicals or heat, enriching the fruit in this way results in an end product containing all the natural goodness found in the fresh berries. 

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Extramel® is a dried melon juice concentrate naturally rich in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), obtained from a non-GMO proprietary variety of Cantaloup melon. SOD B® is the unique source of bioactive melon SOD worldwide. SOD represents 85 to 90% of the total antioxidant capacity of SOD B®. As a concentrate, SOD B® is not pure SOD and also contains secondary antioxidants such as glutathione, carotenoids, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins C & E

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Ovomet® is an all-natural eggshell membrane manufactured by Eggnovo SL via a patented process in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner without the use of chemicals.

Ovomet®contains no excipients, resulting in lower input quantities to achieve therapeutic outcomes.

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Lactium® by Ingredia is a milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive protein with relaxing properties. A unique & natural ingredient, discovered by observing the relaxing effects of breast fed infants. Lactium® effectively decreases stress-related symptoms.